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The Butlers Gone Green

As a company we have always been concerned with how our business affects the world around us. We have increased our sustainability efforts in the last year and continue to look at ways we can improve our environmental impact.

We have organized a “Butler Green Team” with representatives from all departments of our company. Their objective is to observe, recognize and facilitate things we can do as a company to be more earth friendly.

We only use the highest quality, most trusted food suppliers in the industry.

Our primary food supplier partner is Sysco Foods. They have a commitment to the environment and have green initiatives that include sustainability across the food chain, green routing and delivery policies, maintaining green warehouses, and sourcing products from environmental conscious suppliers, farmers and manufacturers. They source the highest quality local products available in the Pacific Northwest without compromising food safety.

  • We have set-up an organic waste composting program in our main commissary kitchen
  • We use free range, hormone-free, non-medicated, organic eggs and chicken
  • Our house green salad is always certified organic
  • We only use Oceanwise seafood products in our catering and cafes
  • We only purchase wild salmon for all of our salmon dishes
  • Since May of 2008 all of our disposable wares for our corporate drop off business and our café operations are biodegradable and/or compostable
  • Our disposable flatware is a corn based, compostable product. The quality is fabulous and it looks great. Our paper plates are a non-bleached product that still looks good and is high quality. Recently we have been including a biodegradable garbage bag to put all of the products in once the meals are finished
  • All of our platters and baskets are reusable, as we do not use the plastic, single use catering trays
  • We donate leftover food to programs like Food Runners, who are able to reuse or distribute prepared food to various charities
  • Internally we recycle all paper products (including office waste), all beverage containers, and commercial cardboard
  • We provide reusable coffee cups, plates and flatware for all staff beverages and meals
  • We have switched our sprayer at our dish stations to a low flow sprayer
  • In our cafés, we are offering our Butler travel mugs at cost and offering discounts to people using them or bringing in their own coffee mugs
  • We have signed on to a Vehicle maintenance program to ensure that our vans are running efficiently, using less gas and produce fewer emissions
  • Our “Butler Green Team” is committed to working on other issues like minimizing power consumption, further reducing our packaging and lessening our general environmental impact