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Darryl Ray

Darryl Ray

Upon arriving in Vancouver, he started as a waiter at the prestigious Brockhouse Restaurant and was quickly promoted to Maitre’d. It was in this position that he was able to implement and fine-tune his management and organizational skills. Through his varied experiences, he has developed high standards for customer service and ensures that these standards are adhered to in all aspects of our business.

Today he oversees the day-to-day operations of our business, including marketing, sales, staffing and the coordination of the events to which we cater. His gregarious nature and willingness to chip in to assist, whether dish washing or food prep, has helped to make The Butler Did It Catering Co. the exciting and successful company that it is today.

Jamie Avantini


The Chef – Jamie has grown up in the food industry. His family owned and operated a number of restaurants, which is where he discovered his calling for the kitchen.

In 1985, he got a starting position at the acclaimed Monterey Gold and Country Club in Palm Springs, California. From there he held various positions at The Sheraton Harbour Island in San Diego, Sheppards (fine French cuisine), Merlano’s (high-end Italian) and finally, as Banquet Sous Chef at La Costa Spa and Resort, a five star resort in Oceanside California. It was during this time that he attended Culinary School at San Diego Mesa College.

He headed to Vancouver in 1991 and was employed by the Alma Street Cafe as the executive Sous Chef. His duties included all menu design, ordering, personnel matters and menu preparation. His next stop was the Westin Bayshore in 1994 as Head Saucier Chef and he was next in line for the prestigious job of Sous Chef had he stayed.

All of his hands-on experience and exposure to a variety of cooking techniques allowed Jamie to develop his own style and quality standards. One of those standards is his strong belief in cooking from scratch whenever possible. Since operating the cafe, he has built a very talented and energetic kitchen team that produce amazing culinary ‘features’ each and every day.

Erin Avantini


Erin is the behind-the-scenes Controller and is responsible for all the financial transactions, general office supervision, banking and bookings.

Her experience comes from many years in the restaurant industry, starting as a waitress and moving on to training coordinator, Subway Sandwiches Corporate District Supervisor, Restaurant Manager within the Sheraton Hotels chain and finally, as a Catering Manager of The Brockhouse Restaurant. She completed a Business Management Program at San Diego Mesa College, as well as extensive comprehensive management training with the Sheraton Corporation.

From the beginning, Erin has been a key part of our business not only as Controller, but also assisting in sales, marketing and every other aspect of the business. Her visions for the business have always included the importance of superior service, food quality and the fair treatment of people, both customers and staff.


Heather Byrne


Office Manager/Financial Services


Kelly Dowbiggin


Kelly is our Senior Event Coordinator. She enjoys the unexpected nature of the day’s events, and helping clients make their event memorable.

Kelly’s background is a nomadic one, having lived in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Whistler, Vancouver and countless hostels all over Europe. Her favourite meal is still her Mom’s Christmas turkey dinner, but if she makes it herself, her speciality is grilled salmon with rosemary, lemon and olive oil (with apple crumble for dessert, of course!).